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Thread: Pulling bullets

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    Pulling bullets

    I've got somewhere near 1000 300 win mag brass in the rotation. I've done load developments on several different rifles over the years. When I find the node, I don't just blow off the rest of the rounds. I stop, close the case, and bring the rest home. Then I do what every other good reloader does. I put the ammo case on the shelf, forget about them, and buy more cases. LOL.

    It's raining out, so today I finally decided to start pulling rounds to get the powder and projectiles back and the cases back in the loop. I've got a collet puller kit, but that marks up my precision rounds. I'm only about 100 in with the hammer, and, well, this gets old fast. There's at least 51 more down there in the latest part case I opened, but I know there's more. For time.
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    When I have 100's I use a none marring needle nose pliers on top of the press with the bullet protruding out the top. A big pair that gives more torque. Started pulling bullets with side cutters!!
    I shot the pulled bullets and I have seen no large groups due to using pulled bullets.
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    I had a kinetic puller. It is now in a landfill, got tired of the hammering and mess. Also ruined a few rims - so done! Using a collet puller now and the odd time a pair of pliers if it's only one to pull.

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    I bought a pair of Gorilla pliers to use with the press. Just have to monkey with it with 22 caliber bullets

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