I have been a fan of Talley lightweights for years, running them on nearly everything. And for the most part, they absolutely great. Until today...

So as part of getting ready for the sheep opener, I figured I treat myself to a scope upgrade from my Leupold V3Xi to a Swarovski Z3. Unfortunately when I went to sight it in, I ran out of windage leaving me about 6 inches right at 100 yards. That simply won't do! Turns out the Swarovski has about 15 MOA less windage adjustment than the Leupold.

So the rest of the morning was spent measuring the american made Weatherby Mark V Ultralight very carefully. Mounting holes were all true for the scope mounts. The barrel was true to the receiver. Scope tube was not damaged. The problem was the rings. They were misaligned from the bore by about 28 MOA. Check the Leupold scope that came off, and it only had 6 more clicks to go before it maxed out. So I replaced the rings with a picatinny rail and MDT rings. No more issues.

I find this interesting because Talley says you don't need to lap their rings. So I tried it and they were actually reasonably aligned with one another. Mounting a longer piece of 1 inch shaft in the rings clearly illustrated that while the rings were mostly in line with one another, they weren't in line with the bore.

What a frustrating way to spend a morning.