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    If you only knew. All across Canada franco communities are given $10000 of dollars for franco festivals. Not an english word is spoken during them. I lived near St Isidore AB. Waste of tax payers dollars.
    The challenge of retirement is how to spend time without spending money.
    There is no place in an anti's head where reason can enter. from a Napoleon saying with a tweak.
    Look around is there someone you can introduce to shooting because thatís the only way we will buck the anti gun trend sweeping Canada! "tigrr 2006"

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    Where do I apply for my Anglo Albertan federal government grants money?
    I need an Anglo Alberta hot tub for the festivities.

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    I live among the creatures of the night (Edmonton)
    I used to work with a Franco....but we just called him Frank. Nice guy.
    GOC moderator
    Dealer/co-founder/co-owner of Tundra Supply Ltd.
    June 2013 - The High River Gun Grab - NEVER FORGET !!!!
    Feb 26 2014 - Swiss Arms prohibition and ordered confiscation by the RCMP - NEVER FORGET !!!!!
    May 1 2020 - Liberal un-democratic mass prohibition order in council. - NEVER FORGET !!!!!

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    I suddenly have this craving for frightfully horrible canned spaghetti.

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    If we don't keep pumping in the bucks to the French culture, Quebec will separate. Then where would Canada be? Viva la Quebec

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolver View Post
    If we don't keep pumping in the bucks to the French culture, Quebec will separate. Then where would Canada be? Viva la Quebec
    And where would we get our next Lieberal PM from also?
    Warning! some sarcasm, facetious and jovial behavior, satire, irony, dry humor, playful banter and more may or may not be involved in my postings. Please read anything I have written as being said in the most joyful and happy voice you can possibly imagine.

    To whom it may concern: I hereby declare I am not responsible for any of the debts or liabilities incurred by the dim witted one known as Justin Trudeau!

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    Quote Originally Posted by awndray View Post
    I was born in Ontario. My first language is French. I went to French school from kindergarten to grade 12. My last name is that of a township in France, where my ancestors hail from.

    I do not celebrate being Franco-Ontarian. Doing so is as stupid as celebrating being gay, or black, or this, or that. Celebrating something you're born into is one of the most ridiculous things humans do.

    But at least they're not having a parade.

    French people are the most whiney bunch I've ever met. They keep talking like the red coats are at the gates, ready to haul them off to the gulags. When in fact they by and large tend to be giant welfare queens.

    Source: born into a French family. Enough said.
    And yet, after nearly 10 years of government by Stephen Harper and his anti-choice army, you can still get an abortion in Canada. At this point, the political rightís agenda is so well hidden Sherlock Holmes couldnít find it with a Huawei P30 powered by a trillion Watsons.

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    Don't stop there. Go on.

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