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    Mumbo Gumbo Time

    Took our Van Isle visiting friends down to the Strand in Galveston for lunch today, we hit Little Daddys Gumbo Bar. Good Lawrd, thank goodness we split the 32 oz Mumbo Gumbo, it took some serious walking to get the blood to even circulate again after finishing - SHRIMP, CRAB, OYSTER, CHICKEN, SAUSAGE, AND PRIME RIB. SERVED OVER STEAMED RICE, with garlic bread to sop it up. The girls split a delicious Blackened Catfish sandwich with wicked homemade fries.

    We make a point of spending a weekend every 4-6 weeks here even though we are only an hour away, that way you can wander the historic district with beverages in hand. Here is the place and the spice shop we use that has some recipes, I need to up my game with the roux. I could eat that gumbo every day but it would be a short lifespan.


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    Holy God you make me hungry!....Love southern food!!
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    Gawdamm that looks enticing. Just buying the ingredients here in Ontario would set me back one pension cheque.

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    Boooo...I wanted to see a company truck stuck in some Texas mud after a few bad choices.
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    My current work arrangement requires me to periodically go to Houston, I might have to hop to Galveston when i have some time off for that gumbo

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    Holy shit... that roux is almost as black as my heart. I wish I had the nerves to get a roux that dark!
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