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    I've had the Metal: Hellsinger sountrack on loop for a good part of the evening. The song Stygia featuring Alyssa White-Gluz from Arch Enemy on vocals has been particularly captivating. Probably because her clean vocals are mesmerizing.

    I played the demo, and I'm looking forward to buying the full version once I get my GPU situation on my PC sorted out. A monitor upgrade is in order, too. 1080p is fine for me, I just need something in the 144 or 165hz refresh range. Shooters are pretty lame at 72 fps.

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    Lost interest in Arch Enemy when Angela retired. Now that was a singer. Totally different league than alissa

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    Do you like Starcraft, Starwars, HALO, Firefly or Battle Star Galactica?

    You'll love this video... the song is really good too.

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