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    Black Creek Labs BCL SRV2 Siberian


    Details on the new rifle are still light, but we've seen enough to know it runs a mid-length gas system, based on the AR-180B design, similar to most other made-in-Canada semi-auto rifles. It re-uses several small parts and designs from other Black Creek Labs rifles, including the magazine and bolt release, pins, and other bits. The SRV2 Siberian has an AR-15-style barrel nut, and of course it will run AR-15 magazines (and will it also use proprietary MRX Mags from BCL? Nobody has announced any plans to do so yet).

    It comes with an ambidextrous safety, non-reciprocating charging handle. There are QD attachment points built into the rails as steel inserts, so they don't wear out. For now, it seems your choice of finish is the tan upper/black lower, but it is likely that will change at some point. At this point, we've seen no details on that finish, whether it's powder-coating or anodized, but it seems likely it's the first option.

    Black Creek Labs says the design may change a bit yet before release, compared to what we've seen so far. However, we can see an RCMP FRT approval from earlier this year that gives the OK to the rifle as a non-restricted, chambered in 300 Blackout, 5.56 NATO and 7.62X39. In other words, expect calibre choices among the future evolutions to come.

    Pretty ballsy of them to release a new semi-auto, or any new gun at all, given the circumstances.

    Apparently 1 of 3 new models coming.

    I don't know if those are the two others. Their website isn't updated.

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    Alberta Tactical Rifle has a new website, and they're working on new designs.

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    Interested in seeing the internals.
    Did they do the China thing and reverse engineer a B&T? Maybe some ACR lineages....

    Maybe these will actually work if they didn't actually do any designing and just copied someone else's work
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    I'm down for a Gen 3.
    Even if we get ARs back, I'd get one if it works.

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    Nice clean looking rethink. I like it.

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    How long will it take Dear Supreme Leader and his trained Monkey Marco before their calling Lucki and demand she adds this one to their ever expanding list of too dangerous for Kanadians to own?
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    Looks cool.

    But seriously...BCLs reputation for rushing things to production, delivering a sub par product and using its first buyers as beta testers makes me not want to have anything to do with the first couple of thousand of these to come on the market.

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