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    I prefer blackmail…

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    Well, perhaps a future CPC government can take a lesson on how C-21 was done. Make a bill about firearms, something that's about another topic, have it go through 2 readings in the House of Commons, send it to committee for expert consulation, and then add an amendment at the end of committee before it goes to Senate. When media ask about the amendment, you deny it and talk about the parts of the bill that are on record.

    I checked the parliament page on C-21 and I cannot see the amendments G-4 and G-6 referred to in the minutes of the Nov 21st committee meeting. Someone managed to leak it out to the firearms groups, but that's the only reason we've seen it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterC4 View Post
    I agree, firearms are heavily regulated property - you need a license to legally possess one and you have to adhere to the rules. Regardless, it's not that uncommon. Licenses (even insurance) are needed to own and operate lots of assets, like automobiles, boats, restaurants that serve alcohol, with the goal of pubic safety. Not the extent of firearms obviously.
    You don't need a license to acquire and possess a boat, restaurant or car. You need the license to operate them in public spaces. A better comparison to a PAL would be a prescription for pharmaceuticals. You need the doctor's slip to acquire drugs that might otherwise be illegal to have in your possession.

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