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    Winchester Super-X 22WMR

    Had some mixed results yesterday while shooting some Winchester Super-X 22 WMR.

    Had about 5 duds from the box, then noticed one with a different shaped bullet.


    I don't have a micrometer but it looks like some of these are longer than others. No idea how the pointy shaped one got in the box. I just opened it so it didn't get in there by my actions.

    Made me wonder if this was stuff swept up on the factory floor.

    I've often seen nasty reviews of Super-X online, but I've never experienced such a box of duds like this before.

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    Nothing says quality control like contaminated batches. LOL.
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    Looks to me there are 3-4 diff bullet shapes . . . and jaia bi''''s about tiny dings on 22LRs.

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    Well, when I bought a bunch of that ammo, the store employees had taken a couple out of each box for themselves
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