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    Hunting scope question

    If you had a nothing special about it hunting rifle in 308 win given to you. It's only ever going to be a backup. You wanted to put a standard 3x9x40 scope on it. The scope must maintain zero within "minute of the side of a deer". The optical clarity has to be "see a deer in the bush" quality. After it's zeroed, the windage and elevation adjustments will never be touched again. You've got $300 to spend. What would you go with ?
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    Wait for this to go on sale. I picked one up close to the $300 mark last year, at that price it’s astoundingly good.
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    Whatever the modern equivalent of the bushnell 3200 is.

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    The Leupold VX 1 scope, hands down. (Random, 1st thing pops up on DuckDuckGo search): ht tps://

    They sometimes go on sale at Prophet River for $229.00. Not sure if they will this year, but Black Friday might find a deal.

    I would not put any other scope in a bracket of quality this high, up to and including, scopes of $300-500. I have two of them, moved from gun to gun, including a few that either due to action type or large caliber, have "shook loose" scopes up to $800 and the VX1s are still flawless.
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    Second vote for Bushnell at that price point.
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    My vote is leupold vx1 as well. Been working well on my xbolt.
    Forgiving eyebox & eye relief.
    More money to spend, I'd like to try the 2.5-8x vx3hd line

    Nikon prostaff 5, 2.5-10x, was an excellent scope too
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    Interested in a Nikon 3-9 "Coyote Special"? I might have a spare one laying around. I could ship it in a 55L food-grade twist-cap poly barrel for $300!

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    Another Leupold vote, even the VX Freedom 3-9x40 CDS on the Tikka has been very, very nice for the price point. Punches well above it’s weight class……


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    Buy a 3-9 power Bushnell Trophy or Legend, you can often get them for under $200 and they come with a Bushnell lifetime warranty! They also have a warranty centre in Canada.


    All Bushnell products are engineered to deliver to your expectation and manufactured to withstand the rigors of the outdoors for the lifetime of the product. In the event that our product fails you, we will stand behind it and repair it at no cost to you. If we can’t repair it then we will replace it with a product of equal or better value. No receipt required and fully transferable.

    *All Bushnell® products carry a product lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship or materials. Product lifetime is defined as 30 years for Riflescopes, 20 years for binoculars and spotters, 5 years for electro-optics and electronic components (laser rangefinders, red dot sights, reflex sights, speed gun radars, night vision) and 2 years for trail cams.

    Try here for a bunch on clearance -
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