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    This guy does a recent and detailed review of a bunch of popular Bushnell scopes -

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    Bushnell renamed most of their lines a couple years back and I still haven’t been able to sort out what’s what. There’s a couple Trophy models left, but all the lower to mid range seems to go by prime or nitro now. Judging by MSRP, Prime is the new lower end, Elite 4500 is mid range and Nitro is upper mid range?

    The Trophy XLT models were a good budget scope. Really budget. Beat the pants off Tasco and other crap around the same price. I’ve still got one on a muzzleloader.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aniest View Post
    The Leupold VX 1 scope, hands down. (Random, 1st thing pops up on DuckDuckGo search): ht tps://

    They sometimes go on sale at Prophet River for $229.00. Not sure if they will this year, but Black Friday might find a deal.

    I would not put any other scope in a bracket of quality this high, up to and including, scopes of $300-500. I have two of them, moved from gun to gun, including a few that either due to action type or large caliber, have "shook loose" scopes up to $800 and the VX1s are still flawless.
    Im trying to figure out how you got that link. It comes up when I cut and paste it (no stock anywhere) but when I search their site for scopes or Leupold, it doesnt come up. Im guessing they arent carrying them anymore.

    Nobody mentioned Riton (which we carry at the store). I think I'll put one of those on it and give a report. I have to be honest, I havent tried one yet other than looking out the window.
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    All my rifles wear Bushnell Trophy II scopes except one (Nikon ProStaff). I had a very old pre Bushnell Bausch&Lomb BalVar 8B I stuck on a Remmie 700 just for shytes and giggles that doesn't leak or fog up and still holds it's "zero" even with a small ding in the front bezel. For the price point,I think they're the best on the market.

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