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    Vintage firearm cleaning recommondations

    I recently acquired an old Winchester 1892 SRC in .44-.40 that was made in 1902. It has some interesting history to has "China Navigation Company" stamped on the buttstock and on the rear of the barrel. It's a beautiful piece...
    I don't think that I want to remove all of the patina, but I would like to clean it up a little. For those of you with more experience with these older firearms, what would you recommend doing and what products do you use?

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    Hey if you can post some pictures it might help with the recommendations.
    Minor rust: use a true copper penny (US) and rub lightly.
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    Maybe clean the wood with a citrus based cleaner? I would clean the barrels bore no different than any modern-day firearm. Find a good brand of conservators wax for everything if you are not going to use the rifle. It stays on better than oil. I have used Howard Citrus-Shield paste wax with good results. A good substitute would be KIWI brand clear shoe polish.

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    When you get the wood off, you can steam all the old crud off of it and it wonít hurt the bluing or case hardening. Donít use acids. Make sure to oil everything right after. If there is rust, boil or steam to convert it and then go over it lightly with fine steel wool.

    Check out Mark Novak on youtube.

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