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    I'll be shooting outside exclusively so lead really wouldn't be a problem. Finding projectiles is a little more challenging. Campro make a jacket bullet that's a little easier to find. I just don't want to damage the rifle. I keep hearing about the challenges in reloading .44-.40...but then I get mixed opinions on that as well lol.
    My plan is to purchase the Hornady .44-.40 "cowboy" dies, hopefully find some brass, and then source out the projectiles.

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    Good luck with the brass. I took a quick look around and it seems pretty scarce at the moment. If you want smokeless lead bullets, they seem to be available.

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    Where I live there are 3 cast bullet manufacturers within about 750 miles of my house. The one thing I have noticed during this pandemic driven shortage is that while many people are whining about the difficulty in finding stock, none of the cast bullet manufacturers have increased their manufacturing quantities. Apparently, the younger generation does not do cast bullets. In the last 25 years I have probably owned 8-9 pre 1926 Winchester M97 shotguns and around 10 pre 1926 Winchester M92's & M94's (SRC were stopped in 1927). The rifles I reload for, the shotguns were generally fed only 12 gauge low brass lead birdshot in 7 1/2 or 8 shot. I have known 1 cowboy action competitor in Saskatoon that has used his M92 SRC in .44-40 for at least 10 years successfully. The key is finding the right load to give you the accuracy that your looking for.

    Doug Rayner from Rayn'er Shine Gunworks from Lancer Saskatchewan still lists .44-40 unprimed brass both Starline & Winchester. I've known Doug for 20+ years and he is pretty reliable.

    In the Ottawa area there is Good Win Bullets, their prices don't look to bad at all.
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