Well, I ordered some of those 45gr frangible solid sintered copper .223 projectiles that CanAm had on sale at 950 for $175 and they look very promising. Maybe I should have ordered more at that price?

They are very close to the same length as regular 60gr .223 projectiles I have and are very uniform in weight and shape from the small bunch of those I examined and have a slight boat tail base and pointed nose that ends with a rounded tip.

The projectiles look very much like smooth and polished full or solid copper projectiles, no roughness and if you did not know otherwise you would think they are solid copper bullets. I even hit one hard with a hammer and it did not break up either. Apparently from my limited research they only turn to powder when they hit something like a hard surface at around 2000 plus FPS, otherwise they perform just like a solid copper or FMJ bullet when used on varmints etc.

I bought them mostly for just range use on targets but I am interested in seeing how fast they run as they are very light for weight compared to their length. I'm thinking they will leave a 24" .223 Rem barrel at an easy 3300 fps or more.

In the spring I will load some up if I can find reliable load data on them.

In the mean time, BSD or Harbl if you want some I can send you some (40 or 50 each) in the mail to test out if you like.

This is what I found from a company who loads them into loaded ammo in the USA -

These 223 Remington rounds from Team Never Quite feature 45 grain NXG sintered copper projectiles that are 100% lead-free and 100% copper. Made up of copper powder that is heat compacted, NXG (Next Generation) projectiles offer shooters all the benefits of lead-free ammunition at a price point that is comparable to traditional lead core FMJ ammo. These rounds act almost identical to a standard FMJ round in both accuracy (1-2" groupings at 100 yards) and terminal ballistics. The manufacturer, SinterFire, recommends firing these 45 grain rounds in rifles that have either a 1/7 or a 1/9 twist rate. And since these rounds have zero lead in them, you get no lead-fouling and cleaning your gun after a day at the range is a breeze.

These rounds are perfect for hunting in regions that have restrictions on the use of lead core ammo. The idea behind these cartridges is to provide shooters with very high quality, lead-free ammunition that is affordable enough to volume shoot at the range. TNQ uses new production, non-corrosive boxer primed brass cases that are re-loadable.

Team Never Quit was founded by retired Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell. His vision is for a, "Community of people who stand united in the fight to honor, support, and restore our veterans." TNQ works directly with the Lone Survivor Foundation and the Patriot Tour to support our service men and women and their families.

Pick up a 500 round case of this high quality lead-free ammo and get out to the range soon!

And a review from a buyer and user -

"Great price for Lead-Free ammo! Arrived in two days Lucky Gunner is awesome. Ran 300 rounds in three different ARís no misfires, good groups, and clean to boot. Will be purchasing this again as it is American made & has a Lead-free bullet! I will be supporting Team Never Quit in the future very impressed."

"Exactly as described, a very good value at the time
I bought a large lot of these seemingly when Midway had them on sale at 1/3 of the going price last I checked. I think I paid under 10 cents each, last I saw it was ~.30$ each in same grain etc. They appear well made, they are sintered not cast or swaged or drawn. They have a bright brass or bronze color appearance with visibly smooth surface. A cannula is present. They seem extremely hard unlike some sintered bullets I have seen, they are also more dense then some types which is nice as they are not huge as some sintered bullets are. If you are interested in making rounds with maximum propellant volume these might not work well as they are still longer then a 55 grain FMJBT. I suspect these rounds would not be ideal for such purposes though I'm not an expert on reloading especially not high power loads. I have not attempted to crimp these when loading despite the cannula. I suspect due to the sintered construction and lack of an outer jacket these would be at risk of cracking if crimped, especially if it was not done perfectly. I found the reloading data for these at Sinterfire. These are different from the jacketed sintered rounds made by others in the lack of a jacket. As such, I'd be extremely reluctant to use load data for another sintered type bullet such as varmint grenades etc. as they are jacketed and in my experience longer for an equal grain bullet. These have a hard microscopically porous surface which probably is not comparable to a varmint grenade or XM556 type bullet. I'd follow the Sinterfire loads or at least an equivalent bullet type for equal grain mass. All things considered I would buy again at same price or less but I'm not sure how high I'd go on price."

"Coyote Slayer
Submitted 4 years ago

By Anon Hunter

From PA & NM

Verified Buyer

Loaded these to an average velocity of 3675 fps with Hodgdon CFE 223 with data from Hodgdon's website for a 50 gr bullet in 22 Nosler through a Proof Research 22" Carbon Fiber wrapped 22 Nosler AR barrel. They work exactly as advertised on gelatin and coyotes. In gelatin they break into multiple small pieces with a nasty expansion cavity about 3-4" into the block with the base shank of the bullet penetrating all the way through the block. The permanent stretch cavity is bigger than a heavier 55 grain ballistic tip and also penetrates the whole block, which the BT doesn't do. More impressive than the gelatin results are the bullet's actual performance on game. On a recent coyote hunting trip in NM this bullet proved itself. It drops coyotes like magic with no fur damage if you don't hit major bones. It proved tough to find entry and exit holes in the hide!! But if you make a less than perfect shot the bullets will make up for it. I hit one low in the shoulder and it broke the shoulder into fragments going in and coming out the other side, putting the animal down quickly. While these bullets are expensive they outperform so in my opinion they are well worth the cost on a hunt."

This is what they look like but without the Cannelure groove and mine are smooth and fully polished in appearance.

These all Copper Sinter Bullets are lead-free, frangible projectiles that are manufactured using an exclusive blend of copper and a small amount of tin composite fine powder material and a proprietary high heat treatment and compressed bonding process. SinterFire is the originator and innovator of this technology used by government, military and law enforcement personnel since 1998. Unlike conventional lead projectiles, which ricochet or fragment into large pieces, SinterFire projectiles disintegrate into small particles upon impact with surfaces harder than themselves. Since the projectiles are lead-free and frangible, they are ideal for close quarter training on steel plates and in tactical houses or indoor ranges where concentration of lead dust from normal issue ammunition can be a health risk problem.

Bullet Length 0.752 Inches
Recommended Twist Rate 1 in 9" or Faster
Minimum Recommended Velocity 3300 Feet Per Second