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    Not to be pedantic about it but Aliens landed on the moon in 1969
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strangeday View Post
    Not to be pedantic about it but Aliens landed on the moon in 1969

    Since the Moon may be a captured planetoid which could've been a small rogue planet travelling the universe at some point, you are of course correct. Humans are indeed the "Aliens" to that World.

    The real question is : was there someone who parked there a LONG time before we did and are they possibly still there... or remnants of their occupation? Keeping in mind that our entire existence as a species is nothing but a tiny blip on cosmic timescales and that our technological existence is merely a tiny fraction of that tiny blip.

    A lot could've happened in 4.6 billion years... which is the age of our Solar system.
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