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    Quote Originally Posted by Smc View Post
    How are these people not caught right away? Did they get paid in cash? You would think that either they had bank accounts.
    Usually the people are not home: snow birds in Mexico for 4 months, overseas deployment/jobs, working for weeks on end in the Diamond Mines...

    By the time the real owner knows the "new owners" have moved in.

    It's double victims: the real owner loses their home... and maybe the "new owner" has sold their old place or let the lease run out, meaning they are homeless too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by M1917 Enfield View Post
    Apparently they are not the people doing the scam but low level paid front people, they say in the article how they use low level street criminals to be the front people who look race wise like the property owners surname would suggest. If they are scamming a retiree or Chinese named home owner the people presenting at the real estate office or bank need to look the part.

    Tossing them in a van and driving them out to a quiet location for a proper "interrogation" is all that's needed to get to those who are paying their criminal wages.

    This is one of those very few things at which authoritarian and communist governments excel, as opposed to our limp dick bureaucratic Court system which is mostly concerned with protecting the "rights" of criminal scum... in non-progressive regimes there's no f**king around, because finding out is right around the corner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksmithden View Post
    Doesn't having a lien on your house screw up your credit rating somehow ? Doesn't matter to me, but a lot of people seem to place a large value on their rating.
    I don't think a lien on your house would affect anything on your credit. It would only affect your ability to use your home as collateral for a loan since the bank wouldn't be first in line on title. But since you would be the lien holder you could just remove it from the home if you needed to free up the equity for collateral, if you don't need to use the home as collateral for anything it keeps the title tied up in a paper debt to yourself that doesn't matter but keeps scammers from being able to steal or mortgage it.

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