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    Wife and I driving along the busiest street in our town the other day, lady in front of us runs over a cat, crushing it's back end, she slowed, watching cat claw it's way off rd, then carried on. I pulled up behind her and wailed on my horn, she gave me finger. Police station right around corner, so wife took pic of her liscence plate. I went into station, nope, nothing they can do, cat shouldn't be on rd, it's an accident. I said you mean you run over someone's cat or dog, you have no responsibility to stop? She said, let me check with the constables. Comes back, nope. I carried on, so if I hit a horse, I have no responsibility to stop. Nope. HERE'S THE INTERESTING PART, I said my wife and I are just coming back from the range, if this was the States I'd of shot the cat. Her reply, " well if the animal is suffering " . It wasn't until I got back in car, I realized what she said, now I'd already told her where it was, busiest part of town, 3:00 pm, school just getting out. So does anyone know if this is actually allowed?

    Here's a novel idea : how about people keep their damn cats inside their homes / properties and don't let them roam around collecting parasites and disease, mass killing wildlife and also creating feral cat colonies in neighbourhoods? Or is this too much to ask all the 'cat lovers' out there?

    Anything roaming around a roadway is fair game... whether it's a raccoon, a skunk, a squirrel or some errant cat. In this case, I'm 100% with the female driver who happened to hit that roaming parasite/disease spreader and kept on driving, then gave some honking Ken a finger. Woulda done the same here. Don't lose any sleep btw, there are plenty more feral / errant cats that no one gives 2 shits about out there. Thousands of them, quite literally... and they're all a major nuisance and a health hazard :

    As for shooting it, you will be charged with a careless discharge of a firearm if this is done close to any inhabited buildings or areas. Your municipality probably has an animal control contractor who can put it out of its' misery and/or dispose of the carcass, so you should just call them if you're this concerned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Camo tung View Post
    3 pages and no one has posted the meme of the dead deer at the side of the road with the "Get Well Soon" helium balloon tied to one leg. Boooo
    Thats right up there with a bacon cheese burger with a side of chicken wings and the caption...
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