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    Making solids into hollow points legal in Canada??

    Good day,
    I have tried searching for the answer to my question above, with no luck.
    I read a magazine article and online about making hollow points at home from bulk fmj and solid casted bullets.
    It's slow and time consuming, but it's something I'd like to get into doing.
    But I can't seem to find anything about the legality of this in Canada.
    The articles are all from the states.
    Is there any ridiculous laws against this in our country?
    Any help is appreciated and thanks for it in advance,

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    As a general statement some of the best scientific experiments don't involve either sharing the idea or the finished product with strangers, in person or online. Let your contempt for your own personal safety be your guide and listen for helicopters.

    Btw: "The Lab of Deadly Prototypes" moniker has already been claimed lol. Have fun in whatever you get up to, let your curiosity run wild.
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    One note, on jacketed hollow points the base is typically solid copper. FMJ’s typically have an exposed lead base. If you make a hole in the tip of an FMJ, it can potentially lead to separation, with the lead core being forced through the jacket and the copper jacket lodging in the bore. Creating a very large pressure spike when the next round comes through. Just something I’ve read on some reloading forum or article somewhere…. A TMJ (total metal jacket) might be a better choice for this sort of experiment if one were inclined to do so. I’m pretty sure there are molds out there with a hollow recess in the tip for lead casting already.

    The only regulation on hollow points that I’m aware of is in the provincial hunting regs. Something along the lines of ‘a bullet used for big game hunting must be of hollow point or exposed lead tip design’. We’re allowed to cast our own bullets, so….shouldn’t be a legal problem?
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    Theres no law against it. Modify projectiles/loaded ammunition at your own risk though.
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