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Thread: GOC Letters

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    Is there anything i can do to help out?

    I may not be perfect but i'm Canadian and that's close enough

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    Write a letter, copy a letter, send a pile of them to the people on RangeBob's list.

    Keep the pressure high.

    Allow our Rightful Liberty or .....

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    Parliamentary Emails Updated 2018


    Liberal Cabinet, etc



    [no email for Jagmeet Singh]

    Bloq Quebecois

    Green Party



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    [The below is by CGNer Jc0228]

    I'm trying to do my part in saving our firearms. I gathered a list of all the Senators with their phones and emails.

    I've also prepared an "attack" plan on how to email them. They will be divided into Divisions. The division that you live in; you will send an email to each Senator of that division.

    That sounds tedious and drawn out. So I've made it even easier for you. I will write a template for you that you can copy and paste to each senator. If you decide to create your own letter (which I highly recommend you do) then please; painfully stress that you oppose giving the RCMP the power to Reclassify Firearms.

    If you're feeling particularly feisty; call a couple of them on the list. Leave a short message if they don't answer the phone.

    As always, hammer your MP's with emails and phone calls. Encourage you friends and family to send an email or hand written letter.

    Maritime Division
    Nova Scotia
    • Wanda Thomas Bernard 613-996-2090
    • Daniel Christmas 613-996-2188
    • Jane Cordy 613-996-8409
    • Mary Coyle ?
    • Stephen Greene 613-947-4210
    • Michael L. Macdonald 613-995-1866
    • Tom McInnis 613-943-1662
    • Terry Mercer 613-996-2657

    New Brunswick
    • Rene Cormier 613-996-2279
    • Joseph A. Day 613-992-0833
    • Nancy Hartling 613-995-9191
    • Sandra Lovelace Nicholas 613-943-3635
    • Paul McIntyre 613-943-1756
    • Percy Mercer 613-947-4225
    • Rose-May Poirier 613-943-4027
    • David Adams Richard 613-943-6263
    • Pierrette Ringuette 613-943-2248
    • Carolyn Stewart-Olsen 613-992-0121

    Prince Edward Island
    • Percy Downe 613-943-8107
    • Mike Duffy 613-996-4318
    • Diane Griffin 613-996-2140

    Quebec Division
    • Diane Bellemare 613-943-1555
    • Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu 613-943-4029
    • Patrick Brazeau 613-995-8625
    • Claude Carignan 613-992-0240
    • Jean-Guy Dagenais 613-996-7644
    • Dennis Dawson 613-995-3978
    • Jacques Demers 613-992-0151
    • Renee Dupuis 613-995-4318
    • Chantal Petitclerc 613-995-0298
    • Andre Pratte 613-995-0300
    • Raymonde Saint Germain 613-995-9204
    • Judith Seidman 613-992-0110
    • Larry Smith 613-996-8555
    • Josee Verner 613-996-6999
    • Eric Forest 613-996-2171
    • Rosa Galvez 613-996-2210
    • Marc Gold 613-995-9211
    • Leo Housakos 613-947-4237
    • Serge Joyal 613-943-0434
    • Ghislain Maltais 613-996-7377
    • Paul Massicotte 613-943-8110
    • Marie-Francoise Megie 613-996-2357

    Ontario Division
    • Salma Ataullahjan 613-947-5906
    • Lynn Beyak 613-996-8680
    • Robert Black ?
    • Gwen Boniface 613-995-9193
    • Anne Cools 613-992-2808
    • Martha Deacon
    • Tony Dean 613-996-2312
    • Nicole Eaton 613-947-4047
    • Art Eggleton 613-995-4230
    • Linda Frum 613-992-0310
    • Peter Harder 613-995-0222
    • Frances Lankin 613-995-2795
    • Sabi Marwah 613-947-6809
    • Lucie Moncion 613-996-2224
    • Jim Munson 613-947-2504
    • Thanh Hai Ngo 613-943-1599
    • Victo Oh 613-943-1880
    • Ratna Omidvar 613-943-4330
    • Kim Pate 613-995-9220
    • Howard Wetston 613-995-9197
    • Vernon White 613-996-7602

    Western Division
    • Patricia Bovey 613-995-9193
    • Raymonde Gagne 613-943-4323
    • Mary Jane McCallum 613-943-1330
    • Marilou McPhedran 613-996-2106
    • Murray Sinclair 613-995-0234
    • Don Plett 613-992-0180

    • Doug Black 613-996-8680
    • Elaine McCoy 613-995-4293
    • Grant Mitchell 613-995-4254
    • Scott Tannas 613-943-2240
    • Betty Unger 613-996-7420

    • Raynell Andreychuk 613-947-2241
    • Denise Batters 613-996-5906
    • David Tkachuk 613-947-3196
    • Pamela Wallin 613-996-2794
    • Dr. Lillian Dyck 613-995-4318

    British Columbia
    • Larry Campbell 613-995-8625
    • Mobina Jaffer 613-992-0189
    • Yonah Martin 613-947-4078
    • Richard Neufeld 613-947-4055
    • Nancy Greene Raine 613-947-4052
    • Yuen Pau Woo 613-995-9244

    Confederation Division
    Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Norman Doyle 613-996-7483
    • George Furey 613-992-4416
    • Fabian Manning 613-947-4203
    • Elizabeth Marshall 613-943-4011
    • David Wells 613-943-1788

    • Dennis Patterson 613-992-0480

    Letter Template

    Dear [Senator],

    I am a hard working Canadian that believes firearms are not only part of our heritage, but a fundamental right. I can say with confidence that there are hundreds of thousands of fellow Canadians that fall into the same category of beliefs.

    This is being written as to pertain to the Gun control bill that is being tabled as of March 20th by the current government. Firearms owners and citizens feel that there are enough restrictions put on the shoulders of the average sport shooter and hunter to uphold already.

    The balance of public safety and firearms ownership has been met. Public safety is to the utmost importance, any logical human would agree. Please aim to tackle the real public safety concerns and allow us to continue our hobbies and lifestyles as they currently rule.

    Thank you for your time,
    -[Your Name] of [Your Location], [*Optional* Your Occupation]

    Saved for Monday if the bill contains RCMP power to reclassify firearms

    Dear [Senator],

    I speak on behalf of all firearms owners and sport shooters. The current gun control bill that is being presented by the Liberal party not only applies more unnecessary restrictions on legal firearm owners but also contains a segment that challenges the essence of democracy itself.

    By allowing the RCMP to reclassify firearms however they see fit without any say from the people; is appalling. This sort of power must be maintained by the Parliament.

    As we have seen in the past with the Swiss Arms and Cz858- law abiding gun owners were turned into criminals overnight. Plans to further restrict citizens that seek to obtain firearms throughout the legal process are not the public safety concern solution the Liberals seek to repair.

    Thank you for your time,
    - [Your Name] of [Location] [*Optional* Your Occupation(unless you work at Star Bucks or something)]

    Thanks to my 2 friends for helping me arrange this information in a timely manner and also to "Ottawa" for his continuous updates.

    I honestly Believe that we can beat this bill by being an utter nuisance to politicians. Please join me by being annoying.

    If there is any errors or something you think should be added to this post, then let me know.

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    Senator Emails Updated 2018


    British Columbia


    New Brunswick

    Newfoundland and Labrador

    Nova Scotia



    Prince Edward Island





    Senate Standing Committee Legal and Constitutional Affairs




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