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    moved close to the lake.Some call it Gilford.
    Quote Originally Posted by M1917 Enfield View Post
    I remember visiting Ryan at SFRC are few years back (when he was at the old home location) and he had just bought boxes full of these stripped receivers, I think at the time he was offering them at $25 each and I could choose whichever ones I wanted.
    Road trip one day and picked out ten early numbered Beretta's for $22.00 apiece. They were the greasiest mess that one could imagine but looked like gold in my eyes.

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    Warning! some sarcasm, facetious and jovial behavior, satire, irony, dry humor, playful banter and more may or may not be involved in my postings. Please read anything I have written as being said in the most joyful and happy voice you can possibly imagine.

    To whom it may concern: I hereby declare I am not responsible for any of the debts or liabilities incurred by the dim witted one known as Justin Trudeau!

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