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    I use primarily my tikka t3 3006 but occasionally will carry my m96 carl gustafs 6.5x55 or p14 303 or 98 mauser 35 whelen. I like mix it up when hunting.
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    Since Photobucket won't show the old pics:

    K98 Mauser in .308, Fajen stock, heavy barrel, Bushnell 3200 3-9x40
    Henry 30-30
    M1917, 35 Whelen, 2-7x32 Bushnell Elite
    Thompson Centre Impact .50 cal, 3-9x40 Bushnell XLT
    Weatherby Vanguard walnut sporter, 3.5-10x44? (I'll have to double check that) Vortex Diamondback HP

    There's a couple new ones but I haven't taken a decent picture yet.
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    My favorite would be my TCR 87 338-06 but I have 11 barrels for it so nice to play with. Next would be 280 Ackley and my Ruger deerfield
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    Good to see everyones hardware.... Spring Bear is almost here and I'm getting antsy!!

    Ditch chicken .22's, Whitey stand gun & the All Rounder....


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    This year Ill be using this for Spring bear

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    My hunting rig depends in the conditions, game, season and regulations where I'm going to be hunting in. Just like you don't have just 1 fishing pole or just 1 golf club, we all need more rifles and shotguns to cover the different hunting opportunities available to us.

    If I'm in heavy bush I'll be using my big bore Marlin 1895GBL 45-70 Gov c/w a Vortex Diamondback 1.75-5*32 (where allowed - max hunting caliber is 270 in my county).
    Speer's .458 dia. 400 grain SPFN @ 2000 fps will kill anything I'm going ever going to be hunting

    If I'm in the open where a longer shot is the norm, I'll be using my Savage 300 Win Mag c/w Vortex Crossfire 3-9*40 V-Bite (where allowed - max hunting caliber is 270 in my county).
    Loaded with Hornady 178gn VLDX, Nosler 200gn Partions or Hornady 212gn VLDX depending on game.

    or I'll be using my Savage 25-06 Rem c/w Vortex Crossfire 4-12*50 AO. Loaded with Sierra 90gn Blitzkings or 117gn SBT for ground hogs, deer, coyotes & steel.

    During the deer season in my county it's shotgun/muzzle loader only.
    Khan Venacor 12 gauge Semi-Auto c/w a Bushnell 3-9*40 & Excalibur scope cover. Change out the choke and yr good to go for turkey.

    Thompson Centre 50 cal

    There's additional deer hunting opportunities available before and after the rifle/shotgun seasons. During these times you will find me in the bush with one of my crossbows.
    Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra c/w Vortex Viper XBR 2.5-10*44. Loaded with a 285 gn Zombie's tipped with a 125 grain G5 Montec broadhead.

    Then when the snow flies out comes the Excalibur Mattrix 380 Lynx c/w Zeiss Terra XB75. Loaded with a 285 gn Zombie's tipped with a 125 grain G5 Montec broadhead.

    No matter what you hunt with enjoy your time afield .

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    New CZ-527 Varmint in .223rem

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    Been waffling between one of those sweet GBLs and a BLR for a while now... finally found a '76 vintage in .308 that looks and feels like it may have been hunted once or twice, then put away. Bases still attached. Now, to scout for sales on glass.
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    My two Mediums, had to sight them in properly on the irons and they where damn close right out of the box..... Talleys are here and one Leupold 3i 1x5 - 20 German #4 just waiting on the second one. Just seeing if the .416 will crack the stock at the tang. I threw the B&C on the .375 straight away as it will see the true abuse in the bush.



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