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    I really like my .44mag Marlin 1894.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drache View Post
    My daughter looked at this and said "It looks like the moose is hunting for you." Then had an evil laugh.

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    LW pics inspired me to dig my poor, neglected 527 out for a proper 3.5hr walk today to shake out the cobwebs from last night. Left the sling behind on purpose, kept in hand and hunted various different rock and wood formations that made an interesting target lol. Was a ton of fun and got some impromptu practice in at the same time.... I just may export this CZ to Texas as the rig doesn't get the use it deserves up here as I find myself invariably with a heavier cal just in case of seeing a buck or bear.


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    T3x SS .308 cut and threaded by Alberta tactical
    leupoldoptics VX-5HD 3-15x44mm CDS-ZL2
    slr rifleworks muzzle brake
    bell and carlson stock
    mountain tactical Gen2 Bottom Metal
    DNZ 215 tactical scope mount
    seekinsprecision SRS Rail
    krg ops Midas trigger
    tacopsgear Cheek Pad
    Atlas bipod

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    The rifle that I am most likely to pick up for field use is a Ruger M77 Ultralight in .257 Roberts.

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