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    Quote Originally Posted by Justice View Post
    Four year old post and you still cannot be in possessionof ammunition Stateside as an non-immigrant alien.
    Four year old post and you are still incorrect. See post 4 in linked (among others), giving personal US experiences. Search for TV Press Pass and his videos of shooting matches in the US. He’s got a fun one of being on a zip line, I believe.

    You can import or purchase ammo in the US legally. US non citizen import is defined as “reasonable amount” or similar. ICE never gives me a max amount any time I ask them when crossing.

    Please play the legal game off forum for a while before replying. You’re not very good at it, and need some independent practice.

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    moved close to the lake.Some call it Gilford.
    Buddy shoots at Camp Perry Garand matches. Takes his rifles, a handgun (he has a New Hampshire non-resident CCW) (good for many other states as well) AND, plenty of ammo for all. He buys extra when he's down there as well.

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    So is the US side still the hook? ITAR is supposedly less restrictive. Got a few buddies coming back from trips with leftovers from fun days.

    Maybe our regular crossing shooting enthusiasts can give firsthand accounts?

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