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    Benchmade Knives

    Anyone have any first hand experience with Benchmade Knives out of Oregon?
    Milarm is pimping for them now, lots of pretty pictures in the brochure but no one I know has heard of them.

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    No first hand experience. But if you search for them (google) they get a lot of talk on knife forums. Seem to be comparable to Spyderco and Kershaw.
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    I just received a custom Benchmade. I wrote a review on a little blog I do. Check it out.

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    MY EDC is a harley Benchmade 9CR13 steel. I use it daily works great.
    There are alot of other very well known brands of knives out there, that are comparable in price and quality though so make sure to get the one that suits you best.

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    My EDC for the past 10 years has been a Mel Pardue Benchmade. Wonderful blade that holds an edge extremely well. It's all business and no flash. Worth every cent I paid for it.

    I own two Benchmade blades and the workmanship on both is superb.

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    Benchmade is at the higher end of consumer knives. They have several "levels" of product, identified by the box (Gold Class, Black Class, Blue Class). They also have a few branded lines: Bone Collector, H & K, Lone Wolf, and some accessories. I have owned several of their knives, including Blue Class and Black Class. Quality is good, but not as high as some others in the price range. Their assisted opening is strong (Nitrous). I have one of their fixed blade knives, and it is great - some might take exception to the lack of a true full tang in the model I have, but it makes a good general use fixed blade.

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