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    As GOC grows the site evolves to change to suit the average Canadian Gun Owner.

    As GOC grows the site evolves to change to suit the average Canadian Gun Owner.

    We at GOC have made several changes to the site and the site rules to adapt to suit what the Canadian Gun Owner wants.

    Please take some time to review our new Rules, they will continue to change and adapt in the future, but we will also make sure that our members are aware of the changes we have made.

    Please note that we have removed the NSFW section, we decided that this does not fit with the average Canadian, there are many other sites that offer these sections.
    We will encourage a Fun atmosphere here at GOC, but at a maximum of a PG level.

    Over the Next few months as the membership grows, we encourage all our members to suggest ideas to better the forum, all will be considered, and we will make changes to better the site For you, The Canadian Gun Owner.
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    Welcome to GOC, Site for honest, hardworking Canadians, that own firearms.

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