We did some testing on our AR 500 targets ! Now there is other brands out there that have some magnum rounds passing through thier stuff at 300 m . So I wanted to show just how well our steel holds up. We used my 408 cheytac at 100 m with a 400 gr lehigh brass solid traveling at average speeds of 3050fps! I have to admit I was surprised just how well these plates stood up to repeated hits in the same area.

We also did another test with 750 gr amax out of Dmay's 50 bmg and some 660 gr AP rounds from his rifle! The amaxs just turned to dust and took paint off , and that was it . The AP rounds traveling at 2600 fps did do some damage but there wasn't a crater deeper then 3/32"!! Now some one can correct me but the 50 bmg AP round was designed to defeat tank armour that's 5/8 " thick from what I have been able to find on the net! This test was done at 100 m with the plate solid against a drum ! There was no swing in it to absorb the impact and spread it out!

You can see the video in our media section on our web site ! Please post some comments on this and tell us what you think !!!