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    I see some gunsmithing in my future

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    Hi guys
    i have some very good news for all of you interested in m14 adapter installed on rifle.Wild west shooting centre has installed one of the adapters on to the m305a(7.62x39) rifle .It is listed on their web page(
    jv1m305a wild west.JPG

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    Now these are available from from Petawawa
    contact Jeff Smith

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    I was finally able to get real GI m14 stock.Here are few rough pictures .OMG it fits like a glove.

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    Nice. Now if you had a source for USGI fibreglass stocks to go with...

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    Hi Ben
    that is good one
    But in all seriousness that was the second thing I did after cutting norinco stock.I got GI fiberglass stock.
    First it is more narrow than norinco or wood GI.
    gi fiber adapter.JPG
    That would not be a problem -my machinist would just make adaapter more narrow,which is more perfect,becouse the adapter would be smaller and ligter.

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