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    Nope, I don't do the restricted crap...I don't believe that law abiding citizens should be "restricted" in any fashion what so ever. Ranges are just ol' boys clubs for guys that cant keep themselves busy all day, so they go to a range, drink two pots of coffee and complain about useless shit. Been there, seen that..walked out the door laughing. This country is so goddamn dumb down its pathetic...
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    Looks like the son of sparta did what he set out to do and that was to get people here and on another gun forum to disagree with one another about clubs and their rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBenn View Post
    Nice to see we agree on the opinions anyway.
    Just to be clear, I'm not hating on you, I just hate clubs with rules like no rapid fire, I find it's stuff like that that turns off a lot of new shooters and that new shooter base is the one that has been doing the heavy lifting recently in advancing the cause.

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    The only way to fix clubs like that is to join them, run for the board (surprisingly easy to do) and make changes from the inside.

    If your local gun club is run like that, then it is part of our overall problem. If you don't like what the old guys are doing, crowd them out.

    I know that here the safety and core courses are always full, with a ton of young people. These folks are the ones we need. Don't be one of the old Fudds.
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