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Thread: Cheap Taclight

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    When I get home. I can tell you the brand I have. I do have a Fenix charger. It came with the light. It is a single charger. The other one. I thing might be a Liteon multi charger. Mine is the older i4.
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    It doesn't matter whether the gun they have is illegal or not they don't care about laws in the first place. You could make every gun illegal and you would still have these guys armed to the teeth it's not laws against guns we need laws against criminals !

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    Not trying to take your post off subject but i just wanted to mention that I believe I have an actual Bushnell 1-4x24 from aliexpress. I purchased it for a .22 in the same way as the OP but was astonished to find it is identical to the "real scope".

    Further research showed this particular scope was made in China and discontinued this year. I can't say if they are factory rejected or just dumped onto the local market after production stopped but I have weighed it, sat it next to a locally purchased scope and checked every detail. Identical. No problems whatsoever. I tried it on my Asr and thats where it still is... Guess I'll just have to put the red dot back on the .22.

    Try it at your own risk but the retail packaging and all included materials are identical. The price is also higher now than it was on all of the sellers offering it. I might have just got lucky? Time will tell.


    Quote Originally Posted by Drache View Post
    I wasn't sure if I wanted to put a taclight onto my CZ Evo or not so I didn't want to spend a couple hundred dollars on something. I just happened to be surfing a website that allows you to buy cheap straight from china knock-offs so I figured "what the hell" and did a search. What I came up with is one of these:

    The ad stated the light was 350 Lumens.

    They are of course a Chinese knock-off of an InForce Weapon light. The real deal InForce retail for over $200-$300 a piece and for something that was only going on a range toy mostly for looks, I wasn't going to spend that. So instead I picked up the knock-off for $35 shipped to my door. I figured for that price I'd take a gamble. I placed my order and proceeded to wait the "slow boat from china" to deliver my goods.

    So in the little box was the light, the instructions, and a very tiny decal. Didn't with with a 123A battery but what the heck.

    The instructions seemed to copied from a real Inforce light and the decal said "InForce" and was made to put it onto your light to try and fool people that it was real. The lights look similar but there are enough differences for the trained eye.

    The light operates really easily. On one side is a flip switch and the back is a curved button. Flip the switch one way and the button works as a click on/off (double click the switch for strobe or hold for high/low beam). Flip the switch the opposite side and the button becomes hold to turn on.

    So what do I think? Well I have no way to testing the actual lumen output of the light so I decided to test it against my old model Fenix LD22. I know that my LD22 is 250 Lumens.

    After some crude visual tests I would say that the light is closer to 200 Lumens and not the 350 Lumens the ad states (the instructions for the real InForce light state the light is 200 Lumens). That being said, it threw a beam just as far as my Fenix.

    So overall I am very happy with my purchase for $35!

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