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Thread: New RPAL holder

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    Quote Originally Posted by RangeBob View Post
    Ruger Mark IV have been popular .22LR newbie pistols for years and years. (work well, reasonably accurate, heavy so even less recoil)
    I handled a .22-45 from Ruger, different story; I prefer the Mark series .22. The composite frame and narrow grips just did not seem to balance or fit me.

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    Taker her shopping. It is essential that a handgun fit the shooter's hand to shoot well. Don't even think about buying one firearm for both of you. Or buying one for her without her trying it on for size. That applies to you as well.
    The chambering doesn't really matter too much but a .22 is a good place to start. And decide on a budget first.

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    I took my wife to an indoor range to try 5-6 different models. Some were too big for her hands, heavy, trigger didn't feel right but at least she got a good feel. She ended up, as well as I, each buying 9mm SIG P320s, she liked the idea of being able to change grip modules. After a trigger change to Apex and a 1911 guide rod and #14 spring replacement, she is a happy shooter. This was her first time ever to handle a firearm at the range and she went through all the courses/orientation and enjoys it. Her groupings were pretty good too for a first timer.

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