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    Feeding Issues; Remington .223 model 78 (700 series) bolt action rifles/fixes?

    Hi everyone,

    I have an old model 78 in .223 that I bought lightly used about 30 years ago. While having a very smooth action and can put every shot into one ragged hole at 100 yards, I never shot it much because of unreliable feeding.

    It had a blind, internal ADL type box magazine, and it never worked well. My guess is this is why the rifle had been traded.

    Everyone who I spoke with suggested that I try to get a BDL bottom metal; I finally had a response to an ad and got a brand new "stainless" (anodized aluminum one) with the box and follower that was a take-off from a brand new rifle, and it fits like a glove The guy with the new rifle installed magpul bottom metal with a detachable magazine, and had never fired the rifle out of the box. I inletted the stock and fit is perfect, and the follower seems way better.

    Wed. night, I went to the range, and it is hard to load any more than 3 rounds in it (I think it should hold 5?). With 3 rounds, the first one pops up and jams; the remaining two feed fine which is two more than I could feed from the original configuration.

    I spoke to another guy because I was contemplating going to a lighter composite stock and he had a take off from a newer rifle. He told me that with the .223, Remington rifles more often than not have feeding problems. On other websites, similar problems with various 700 series rifles in .223 are not uncommon. While offering the stock at a great price, I now reluctant to do any more before I resolve the feeding problem.

    Have people here had any experience with the Magpul lower metal and clips? I'm either going to fix it or sell it.

    Thanks for what ever info you can share.


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