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    Police sweep aims to stomp out gun violence and give Toronto a 'peaceful summer' - CBC Toronto

    See link for photos in article. Lots of small calibre ammo and the chamber on the sawed off shotgun looks longer than the barrel.

    Police sweep aims to stomp out gun violence and give Toronto a 'peaceful summer'
    Project Red Brick focuses on seizing guns and ammo throughout downtown core

    Ieva Lucs CBC News Posted: Jun 12, 2018 1:44 PM ET

    In one Regent Park home, Toronto police say they found:

    A loaded sawed-off shotgun
    Two rifles equipped with scopes
    Dozens of boxes full to the brim with various types of ammunition

    It's just a portion of what police seized on Saturday night as part of a new initiative called Project Red Brick, which aims to stomp out increasing levels of gun violence in Toronto's downtown core.

    "There is definitely an increased level of gun violence as compared to last year," said Supt. Tony Riviere of 51 Division.

    "It's of concern to us."

    The warrants executed this weekend came just one day after the project's launch and resulted in the arrest of four people, including two youth.

    "It's significant because of the type of weapons that were located and the potential to cause damage to members of the community," Riviere said.

    The four people were jointly charged with seven firearm and weapon-related charges as well as marijuana possession.

    Project crosses division borders

    Initiatives like Project Red Brick are typically launched by police every year around this time, but Riviere calls this one "multifaceted in design" because its span reaches across the borders several downtown divisions 14, 51, 52, as well as 55 Division in the east.

    Additional officers will be deployed onto the streets of these neighbourhoods, both in uniform and plain clothes, Riviere says.

    "We're looking at the behaviour that's been exhibited through the downtown core and trying to come up with a way of stymieing and suppressing that type of behaviour to ensure that we have a peaceful summer," Riviere said.

    Since the arrests on Saturday, 51 Division officers have seized two more firearms under Red Brick's umbrella.

    Riviere can't say whether he expects to see more arrests and seizures in the near future, but he says he certainly hopes the effort will keep the trend of the recent violence in check.

    'You feel life in this neighbourhood,' says resident

    Sureya Ibrahim, a community relations specialist at Regent Park's Centre for Community Learning and Development, has lived in the area for 20 years. On a bustling Tuesday afternoon she was busy helping set up an outdoor pop-up market.

    "You feel life in this neighbourhood, there's a lot of things happening," she said.

    Ibrahim says she's already noticing the beefed up police presence.

    "It was a little bit rough last year, but they're on it right now," she says of the police, explaining that better lighting has been added to outdoor public areas as well, which helps people feel "more comfortable going around."

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    Green is the new Red

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    Would be nice if they focused on "criminals" instead of "guns"

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    They got CCI Stingers !!!! WTF ?!?!? The crooks can get Stingers and I can't find them for love nor money !!!
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    The High River Gun Grab - NEVER FORGET !!!!
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    Oh no rifles with [email protected]!!

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    Interesting... a single-shot sawed off shotgun, and possibly a .22LR bolt action rifle...

    I'm guessing this is a Somali thing... maybe figure out why the somali community loves butchering itself and you might get somewhere.

    Interesting that the traditional black community (in my mind, blacks who have been in North America for a while, or coming from the Carribean, rather than blacks directly out of Africa ) seems to have chilled out with the usual slaughtering of itself, and this fairly new somali community seems to be picking up the slack.

    I wonder where we would be right now if we didn't keep importing new ethnic problems, after all the old ethnic problems get worked out?
    Successfully escaped this crazy quack s***hole country ALIVE - 12/26/2017!!!

    Give your family tree a good shake and see if you have any dual citizenship that you can use to GTFO of this crazy quack s***hole country!

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    Your not supposed to ask that question

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    It's a very scary time. South of the border anti-gunners have brought in the professional protestors to take on their cause. The fighting has transitioned from the federal level down to the individual states, where the 2nd Amendment protectionist org's (GoA, NRA, etc) are not active. The anti-gunners are winning many battles as a result, and will continue to do so.

    In Canada, we see minimal (at best) real concern about C71. Sure, it's a hot topic here, but read any newspaper, listen to any radio or TV, and all you will hear is general anti-gun banter. Nothing about opposing C71. The new Long Gun Registry portion has given the Conservatives something to finally bite into, and they fortunately have mention of that on their website. But other than a few vocal junior members, that's all they're on about. Fundamental rights are definitely not on their table either. They know they can't carry the urban vote with that.

    Best get active with your local political party of choice, and start pushing for our rights. This is not the time to sit idle. Fight now, or fight later...when they come for your guns. You decide.
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    A possible gang related bandana... lol.

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    Aren't they worried, that like carding, these initiatives tend to disproportionally effect minorities?

    'straight face'

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