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    Ellwood Epps

    Has anyone here had ellwood Epps rebarrel a rifle for them? How did it turn out? I have a shilen barrel on order for my 7mm-08 and was wanting to have them blueprint the action and install the barrel. Iím just trying to do a little homework on them before I send them everything. Thank you!
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    They generally have the best prices in Canada, to be honest, and their selection is great.

    Their website used to be terrible because they never had pictures, but they have recently caved to public pressure on the other forum and started adding some.

    The only problem with them is that they are often so busy in-store that it's difficult to get personal service. They have a tiny gun room for the amount of guns they're selling, and it's often overflowing with a huge lineup of people who have taken a number and may be waiting 15-20 minutes.

    That said, I have bought multiple guns from them and it's hard to complain. I bought my AR there, I got the Savage Rascal for my son there, etc. They were also where I went to see all 9mm striker handguns at the same time so I could make my choice, and they had all of them (Glock, Sig, Ruger, S&W, Ruger, XD, HK, Walther, etc).
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    I like browsing their website and looking at all the different stuff they got.

    I drove by the place once.... From the outside it looks huge. Hard to believe they have a small gun room.
    I tried calling there once to place an order... No one seems to be answering the phone... Guess they were too busy.
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    I bought a Lee Enfield grenade launcher from them, excellent to deal with.

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    They used to be well known for rebarrelling and rechambering rifles (303 Epps comes to mind). I don't know anyone who's had work done by them lately though.
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    A friend of mine had his CX4 storm converted from restricted to non-restricted via a re-barrel last year and they did a great job.

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