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    Barrel Harmonics and Muzzle Devices

    If you haven't seen it, the youtube channel "Johnny's Reloading Bench" has done a series on barrel harmonics using a number of different muzzle devices. Probably the most interesting aspect he has uncovered is that muzzle devices are not a constant. It is not possible to say X-device is good or increases accuracy. He shot the same devices on different rifles and got diametrically opposite results. A device that increased accuracy on one rifle would then wildly decrease accuracy on the second rifle, while a device that was crap on the first rifle produced excellent groups on the second rifle.

    So what does this all mean?

    Apparently we need to consider purchasing a number of different muzzle devices, then test them for accuracy on our rifle and choose the one that produces the best groups.

    To date, I suspect that muzzle devices are much like fishing lures .... designed to catch the fisherman rather than the fish. We choose muzzle devices based upon out personal biases and likes/dislikes rather than on actual testing for accuracy and effectiveness.

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    The only muzzle devices I have an interest in is the linear kind, and yea, mostly just personally liking it better on the end of the barrel than say, a thread protector.

    I am surprised how big a difference just a weight made, gonna have to finish watching later.
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    some old rifle had this rubber ring on the barrel you could move to change its harmonics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glockfan View Post
    some old rifle had this rubber ring on the barrel you could move to change its harmonics.
    Limbsaver makes such a device and it is tested in the harmonics series of videos.

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    YouTube is not the place to get training for anything. Like Wikipedia, anybody can have a channel and say anything they want. Nobody there to keep the serious BS out either.
    "...different rifles and got diametrically opposite results..." Perfectly normal. Every rifle is different and that includes the harmonics of the barrel.
    "...just a weight..." Is pretty much how one changes how a barrel vibrates. Moving it alone will do that.
    "...designed to catch the fisherman..." Depends on what is claimed. The Browning BOSS muzzle brake, for example, claims to let you adjust the vibrations of your barrel from the muzzle alone. Says it allows the bullet to leave the barrel the split second it is stationary. Kinda dubious if you ask me.

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