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Lequilles probably the browning dealer. But have you tried another brand of ammo? Maybe the CCI mini mags are undersized for that bore.

You just need to look at it thru a light. No bore scope required.

I just took my 22/45 apart that I know has 300+ rounds thru with CCI mini mags. Everything looked fine. The chamber where the bullet and the case is, there some carbon and maybe lead. But nothing like your photos.
I routinely look at the barrel after cleaning to confirm it is cleaned. I would say this one looks smooth, but I would also say the color of the shine is less than 22 semi rifles I've owned. The inside seems to be darker metal everywhere, whereas the rifles usually shine like stainless steel inside when there is a light coming down from the other end. I don't know if that color is typical of this pistol or I'm just interpreting it wrong somehow due to barrel length being so short.

The first few times I had it out, I shot winchester super-x, and some mini-mag and some eley and some wildcat. I just wanted to see what it liked, as they say. At the time it seemed lead round nose was grouping better out of the lot. Then I discovered the debris from cleaning, and didn't really change the ammo variety, just guessing it was build-up from the previous owner. After the trend of debris from cleaning three times, then I picked only copper plated CCI for an outing to see how it ran, and same thing was coming out on the 4th shooting followed by cleaning.

I've sent a picture of the lead debris to Lequilles as you guessed. Gotta love their business card "Bologna - Bullets - Gas". Also the floor marked with a chalk outline of where a squirrel was found dead in the store. They are busy with The Halifax Guy Show, which is a new to me.