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    Well if they are encountering people in the bush with rifles...then I'm will to bet their 5.56 x 45 rifles will still leave them under gunned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIR VEYOR View Post
    He said the carbines have nothing to do with the Protection and Response Teams the province rolled out last year to address rural crime, a decision Bear also criticized at the time. Those teams bring together RCMP, highway enforcement officers, conservation officers and municipal police forces to increase the visibility of armed officers in rural areas.

    And Interoperability by choosing the same caliber as the RCMP has nothing to do with it either. Can’t have Bush cops out distancing the Horseys on joint maneuvers...
    According to a couple CO's I know, these new protection and rural response units are excatilly why they are getting ar 15's. They also have radars now in all their trucks and computers to run plates with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MK Wheelie View Post
    LE should be armed to the teeth and trained by the military in my opinion.
    Cops having good guns? I'm in favor of it.

    Military is totally different than LE, not a good fit.

    I don't care WHAT the CO's carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MK Wheelie View Post
    LE should be armed to the teeth and trained by the military in my opinion.
    The basic jobs of LE and MIL are fundamentally different. In no way should LE be trained by MIL.

    MIL does not arrest people. They kill people. THAT is not something the LE should be learning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MK Wheelie View Post
    LE should be armed to the teeth and trained by the military in my opinion.
    In the off season these guys will ticket you for having a burning barrel in your farm yard. No thanks. They have also been known to use the slimmest justification for searching farm yards and vehicles during hunting season. One of the neighbors had his farm searched because he had his pickup backed up to the overhead door on his shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MK Wheelie View Post
    LE should be armed to the teeth and trained by the military in my opinion.
    Trained by the military?

    They have enough problems with their own training.

    Let’s not screw them more than they already are.
    To show that men can travel to the moon and return, use the American experience.

    To show that public safety isn’t hurt by responsible individuals carrying to protect life, use the American experience.

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    While I certainly agree in giving them the tools they need, by their own admission they’ve never even needed the pistols they carry on their hips (for LE, not putting down animals).

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    There is nothing wrong with them having carbines, just like there is nothing wrong with us having carbines.

    It's the most common general-purpose rifle you can get, so it should be in common usage.

    It would be no different than handing out Winchester levers when they were the most common general purpose rifle, or handing out Lee Enfields when they were the most common general purpose rifle. An AR is the most common general purpose rifle today.

    It's light, fires a general purpose cartridge, is easy to load/unload, etc. If anything, I'd want one in 7.62 NATO if I were a Conservation Officer, in case I had to put down a moose or bear.

    If anyone does something bad to lose their right/privilege to have one then take their guns away.
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